The last moment: the death



M) My dear friend we are arrived, the moment has arrived even for you!
D)  Arrived ? Where ? What  kind of moment?
M)  Do not pretend not to understand, this is the end ! we are at the terminus, you are aware of this…
D)  Really ? is it the time ?
M)  Yes, it is. It’s only a moment…zac…and I  cut your head with my scythe.
D)  Brrr…really ?
M)  Of course my dear friend, I postponed many times your fate, I saved you…you know it ! You have been privileged.
D)  Ah !
M)  Cheer up ! I have no more time, I have much work to do, as you know I have a boss and at the end of the day I must be accountable to him for what I did.
D)  So ! Wait for the end of the day ! Go to someone else !
M)  No, today you are the last ! Don’t insist !
D)  Excuse-me ! Let me go for a walk !
M)  No !
D)     To go round the building !
M)    No and that’s that!
D)     Let me play a trick, the last one.
M)    What kind of trick?
D)    I wont to arrange a date and she will wait for me ever.
M)    Are you still feeling like playing tricks? Do you know that you must die?
D)    Yes I do, I understand but I do not wont to die yet.
M)    Get ready!
D)    Ok, I get ready, but how…? Wait, I forgot to tell you one thing: why did you extend may life many times?
M)    I have no reason!
D)    Why? You must be correct with everybody, why this treatment to me?
M)    You were nice, even the executioners have preferences… and I liked to follow you…
D)    Ah, you enjoyed… but now the game is over and you cut my head, you fucking shit!
M)    No, I allowed you to live until the maximum limit, your destiny was different.
D)    What do you mean?
M)    It means that if I don’t cut your head today, someone will cut mine! Do you understand? What will you do in my place?
D)    I understand…
M)    You will not feel any hurt, it will be painless… even this time I favour you.
D)    Privileged not on your life! Now that we were friends or more you kill me and all is over.
M)    Me too, I’m sorry, I’ve never enjoyed so much!
D)     Ehi wait ...I do it after…when…
M)      I don’t  know, I don’t  even know what it is…
D)     Listen…Nobody will kill you?
M)    If  I don’t cut your head this time, they cut my head.
D)    So, let’s try! So you can understand what became of you!
M)    I do not have courage enough!
D)    Ah…I discovered you!
M)    It’s true
D)    Wow! So I would be the death!
M)    Do you think it’s  beautiful and easy? It’s difficult even for me and then…what will you do?
D)    I would cut the head to the people I don’t like.
M)    No, it’s not possible! You can’t! You must follow a path and you must comply with the program.
D)    I want to do this! I want to cut the head of those who make programs but they don’t respect them!
M)    That’s enough now! One minute more!
D)    So few? Wait for a minute so you can see what happens and you tell me what there is on the other side…
That minute passes, deep silence. Suddenly a death  of enormous dimensions appears and cuts the head to the “Death” friend with scythe. A sensation of deep anxiety pervades D.
D)    And now, let’s start again? Absolutely! Kill me now! I wont to reach the best friend of my life…The cynical Death cuts him…





Roma 25/10/2006,

ore 00,30